Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eviromental Economics

World Bank
Environment Data and Statistics

Summary: World Bank is an organization that aims to alleviate poverty. To do so a sustainable development is required which makes the environment an integral part of the development challenge. They focus on this such as how the environment links to poverty, economics, and people. The bank lends a hand in teaching countries about the linkage between poverty and the enviroment. They measure this data threw enviromental indicators. I beleve this company proves itself valluble in the sense that it is trying to disperse poverty and focus on how the enviroment links in to the equation. It's about time we focus on something that helps people instead of bein greedy.The World Bank provides charted data on their website posted below, along with some other interseting links pertaining to poverty and the enviroment.
 World Banks Goals:

The Bank's Environment Strategy reaffirms a commitment to sustainable development and outlines three main objectives:
  • improve the quality of life
  • improve the quality of growth
  • protect the quality of the regional and global commons.
The work on environmental economics and indicators is done by the World Bank Group's Policy and Economics Team. Current work programs include:
  • analyzing poverty and environment linkages;
  • assisting countries to mainstream the environment into Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers;
  • advising World Bank staff on mainstreaming the environment into project and programmatic lending, as well as the country assistance strategies;
  • contributing to improve project and program design by piloting and building capacity in environmental valuation and payments for ecological services;
    acting as a focal point for the development of environmental indicators which are essential to monitor progress.
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