Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enviromental Education

Environmental Education is simply what it say the education of the environment or sciences. I read a journal that was very interesting on the fact that the number of teachers in the science field is diminishing and that the president is pushing for more students to choose science and biology majors. There has been a significant drop in the numbers of students participating in the sciences. The goal of the study the journal describes was determine common characteristics or profiles of university students interested in becoming science teachers at the intermediate and elementary school levels. the goal was to push numbers to 10000 science teachers a year.
International journal of science and education

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Whats this have to do with the environment:

Well if their is no one to teach students about the environment and how to protect it and what we do as human to destroy it their will be no more environment or teachers to worry about their has to be education in the environmental field or it could be catastrophic. We need to preserve so that our children and their children will have a place to live.

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