Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics is the part of environmental philosophy which considers extending the traditional boundaries of ethics from solely including humans to including the non-human world. It exerts influence on a large range of disciplines including law, sociology, theology, economics, ecology and geography.
There are many ethical decisions that human beings make with respect to the environment. For example:
  • Should we continue to clear cut forests for the sake of human consumption?
  • Should we continue to propagate?
  • Should we continue to make gasoline powered vehicles?
  • What environmental obligations do we need to keep for future generations?[1][2]
  • Is it right for humans to knowingly cause the extinction of a species for the convenience of humanity?\
Summary: Basically when we apply ethics to the environment we are looking at ethical decisions that are mad that affect the environment in some way or another. It could be looked at in the every action has a reaction sort of way being that every action we make could affect the environment. this is true in all cases having to do with the environment because everything we do as humans has an affect on the environment mainly being pollution. Is it ethically wrong that for you to decide. Ethics do play a part in how people make their decisions.

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 What does this have to do with the Enviroment:
As i explained in the summary above the enviroment is always impacted by humans and their decisions. Ethics comes into play when making your decisions we as humans have choices. We can make unethical choices that will negatively impact the environment or we can make ethical decisions that help the environment.

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